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This site is a brother site  (or sister, whichever you prefer) to


Master- Mariners should be considered as constantly evolving’.  At the time of writing (March  2014), it is very much in its infancy. It is primarily aimed at folk who are involved with,  or are interested in, maritime and nautical matters.

Despite having the same owner/administrator as its brother site, its focus and style will  be a little less facetious (hopefully), with more technical content and interesting or perhaps, even useful, content.

Another difference to the brother site is that rather than being hosted on WordPress servers located in the USA, Master-Mariners is hosted in Blighty by webhosting.uk.com at the Blue Square data centre in Maidenhead.  Additionally, this  site encourages contributions from other sources in addition to those from ‘allatsea’ and others at the ‘towers’.

Brother domain all-at-sea.org  has been up and running in it’s various guises for several years and is very much an idiosyncratic, blog based site which grew out of “Allatsea, on the road with Britain’s most popular marine warranty surveyor” a blog which ran from 2006 to 2009. That blog was actually quite popular with readers but its popularity was largely  due to its non-deferring  attitude to its author’s employers and  eventually allatsea was given the choice, ‘Blog or Job?‘ The (A, O T R W B M P M W S)  blog went, never to be seen again, the job remained. Well, it remained until a different one was secured.

The author, after a hiatus licking his wounds, resumed blogging in late 2009 on the WordPress platform, rather than Typepad which was the original vehicle, with the blog morphing from an initial ‘allatsea55,spaces.live.com’ to a phoenix allatsea55.wordpress.com  and finally into all-at-sea.org in early 2014.

So who is this ‘allatsea’ administrator?

Briefly,  he’s a late fifties Master Mariner who lives in the Westbrook area of Margate in Kent on the South East coast of Britain. He lives there with his wife of 25+ years Carolyn, some cats, the occasional chicken and has a  maverick uncle and wine-lake draining mum living locally.

He spent from 1972 to 2004 at sea earning his crust variously as cadet, seaman, all the mate bits and Master. The latter with Maersk on AHTs.

From 2004 until now he’s worked as  a marine consultant, marine warranty surveyor, marine auditor, accident investigator and towmaster. This work has been  undertaken in both  the Oil & Gas and the offshore renewables  segments of the energy industry.

For nine horrible years, ghastly years in fact, from 1986 to 1995, he and the family owned and ran a freehouse, the Quart in a Pint Pot, in central  Margate.  This period was a great and very real educator for them all, the lessons learned have stood them all in good stead to this day.

The main lesson? Being equipped with a healthy dose of cynicism when dealing with folks tends to lead to far less disappointment once you get to know them better. It also taught us that many folks, though not all, should have the following tattooed on their foreheads:

“Instant arsehole, just add alcohol”

That said, for most of the afflicted, that does mean VAST amounts of alcohol, not your normal ‘session’ quantities. A few names do spring to mind though :o)

During those  years, he kept his marine certificates of competence valid by serving in the RNXS, a sort of Dad’s Navy,  a hangover from the  war years. It was disbanded in 1994. It was a quirky time but useful and he still keeps in contact with a lot of the old hands. More of that later.

Fancy being a contributor? Drop us a line at the emaily addy below.


Want to talk to the chap himself?

Here ye be:-(revised February 2016)

+44 7868 038631

One thought on “About us

  1. Hi,
    I was rummaging around ‘tinterweb looking for some old BP teapots etc and came across your site. Although I sailed on some of the same ships (Cormorant, Avon), it was your old photo which struck a chord with me.
    I suspect we sailed together at some point, probably on the Avon, where I was a J/E, on my last trip before going ashore and back to Uni.
    Desperately sorry, but I don’t recall your name. If you recognize mine, or remember any of our shared former colleagues from the Avon (George Aitken C/E, Alastair Wilson 2/E, relieving Chief, John Saddington 2/E), please let me know. If not, excuse the intrusion and accept my best wishes.
    Cheers, Alex

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